Monday, April 11, 2016


Meg has told me several times that I might like watching Glee.  She and Kaitlin finished the series this fall and thought it was entertaining.  As I had a lot of laundry to do this weekend I thought, "Why not?"  Now I am completely hooked.  I find it to be entertaining and a way to keep my mind occupied without becoming anxious.  With all that we have to do this Spring I definitely am struggling to keep the worry away.  I know everything will work out fine, but with two graduations, golf, two seasons of tennis, PROM, honors night, Brett's new job and on and on.  Listening to Sue Sylvester rant about having a holiday where unattractive people are not allowed to leave the house makes me laugh.  The drama on the show between the students and teacher is a nice distraction from all that has to be done and I can watch while I am working around the house.  I have already tackled one box of pictures, cleaned Cal's room and finished five loads of laundry.  I am tired, but at least I smile while I am working.  I always thought that it would be great if life was a musical, especially school.  Haven't been able to talk my students into that yet, but I believe there are a few teachers that would agree.

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