Sunday, April 10, 2016


When we left for Spring Break Hannah Marie asked Cal if he could watch her dog once we returned.  At first I laughed.  Doug loves dogs but does not want one right now.  I thought he'd say no, but Doug and I had met Flower before.  She was an older dog and seemed pretty in control.  Thus, we thought we'd give it a try.

Cal picked her up Wednesday morning and she was more then ready to leave the kennel.  Cal and my Dad said that she was the only one who wasn't barking.  The kennel was nice, just loaded with dogs from Spring Break travel.  Flower's first stop was my parents.  It was the first of many visits and they enjoyed her as much as we did.  Cameron and Meg were more than willing to take her out, feed her and play with her when Cal was busy.  We let Flower sleep in Cal's room on the floor.  She would have preferred the bed, but we didn't let her up on the furniture.  Doug originally thought we'd put her in the exercise room in the basement, but as easy going as she was she mostly hung out with us on the main level or in Cal's room.  Although she had plenty of dog food, she did want people food.  Cam, Meg and I bought her some treats and a couple of bones and she seemed fine with that when we were eating.  Mom let us borrow one of Samantha's leashes, so we did not have to worry about her running away.

Cal took Flower home this evening close to 11 p.m.  She said Flower was really happy to be home.  Cal and Meg are ready to have a dog after this adventure, especially if we can get one as easy going as Flower.  Cam was on the fence.  He liked having Flower, but would rather wait until Apollo is no longer with us.  Apollo was definitely scared of her.   Neither Doug or I are ready to commit to a dog yet, but it was a lot of fun. 

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