Friday, April 22, 2016

Fish Fry and Merry Lea

Cam had a big day today.  His class went to Merry Lea for their Earth Day field trip.  Merry Lea is owned by Goshen College and provides an outdoor learning classroom for area schools.  Bethany students do a lot of research there and Cam was proud to say that he tried onion grass and mustard seed all growing naturally.  He also caught a shrimp when they were skimming the pond with strainers.

Tonight once Doug got home the three of us went to the Bethany Christian fish fry.  We were told that it is the biggest one in the area and after going we totally believe that.  We stood in line for a half hour before we made it into the gym.  The juniors had made posters with trivia facts and that kept us occupied for most of the time.  The food was good and there was plenty of it.  All of it was student run and we were impressed by how well it went. We brought a to-go order home for Cal as he was still out practicing golf until dark.  That along with the Nelson's chicken barbecue we bought from Hannah Marie will keep us with leftovers for the weekend.

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