Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bucket List ✅

The Final Four - never thought we'd go, but so glad we made the trip!  The atmosphere outside the NRG stadium was electric filled with music, basketball games, the TNT guys, one high Ferris wheel, 3 pounds of crawfish and the longest beer line we have ever seen.  We had a lot of fun walking through the crowd soaking it all in.

Cal wanted to head in as soon as the gates opened.  The line was long, but we had no problems getting in.  The NCAA switched to digital tickets.  I was a little nervous about that, but it worked very well.  Our first stop was the merchandise tent for Cal and Cam to get shirts.  Cal's had all of the teams in the tournament on the back which included both Cal and IU.    Mg picked hers out later when she and I made a lap around the inside of the stadium.  Also came back with pretzels and popcorn for everyone.

Our seats were toward the top, but right at center court.  There were large screen TVs so we could catch all of the action.  Tried to get Meg and Cam's pictures on the big screen via Twitter, but no luck.  There were a lot of highlights of the tournament played before the first game. My favorite was IU beating Kentucky. 

Both games started out close, but by midway through the second half the winning teams exploded.  Villanova set a record beating Oklahoma by the biggest margin ever in a Final Four game.  North Carolina also set a record with most points scored in the paint as they defeated Syracuse. Looking forward to Monday night.  I know Doug, Cal and I will be cheering for Nova.  Meg and Cam both picked UNC in our family bracket, so they aren't sure yet who they'll be pulling for.

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