Sunday, April 17, 2016

Baby Showers Galore

I haven't been to a baby shower in quite some time and now I've been to two this Spring.  Today's was special as it was for Godmother Jeannette.  Meg and I took Mom with us and everyone had a very nice time.  It was held at Papa Vino's in Mishawaka.  The food was great and we had a lot of fun playing the games.  Meg won a small AVON basket for knowing Jeannette the best.  We were able to stay for cake and the beginning of the gift opening.  Preston was coming over and we had to leave by 3 or so to meet him.

I am very happy for Jeannette and Mike.  I was worried about them after they lost the twins.  This baby won't replace them, but will bring so much joy to their family.  As it is to be a boy it will also bring a lot of energy.  I am sure they are ready for that change in their home.  After today they will have lots of clothes, toys, books and such to welcome him home.

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