Monday, April 18, 2016

A Trip to Michigan

Brett spent the weekend in Michigan.  He stopped here Thursday night and headed to a suburb of Lansing Friday evening.  He spent his time attending a leadership institute for young conservatives.  This is the second one that he has gone to and he said that he learned a lot.  It was definitely long in time, but gave him some campaigning tips geared toward the youth vote that he plans to use in the current campaigns that he is helping with.

Brett left at 8 p.m. Sunday night for Bloomington.  He had roughly a 5 hour drive with stops and such.  I was a little worried about him traveling alone late at night.  Doug reminded me that Brett is used to staying up late, so that wouldn't be a problem.  An added bonus was the small amount of traffic on the road.  Thus, he could take I-69 to I-465 to I-37 which would be a lot quicker than his usual route.  I called him several times on his way back mostly to keep him company.  I stayed awake by folding laundry, sewing Cam's shirt and finishing Cal's last scholarship.  Once I knew that Brett had navigated the confusing I-465 South exit I told him I was going to go to bed.  He only had an hour left in his trip and was doing well.  I went to bed around 12:30 and shortly after that my Mom called Brett to check on him.  She was able to let me know that he made it safely back and was in bed by 1:30 a.m.  That would enable Brett to be on time for his morning class.  I know that was important to him.

I was really proud of Brett this weekend.  He has grown so much in the past three years.  He was able to set up this training, find his hotel, and make it home safely all while learning about something important to him.  College is about so much more than an education. The life skills that one learns are equally valuable.  I am so glad that Brett has taken advantage of all of the opportunities that he has been given.

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