Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Tough Start to the Week

Last night Cal had a tough night at golf.  It wasn't his best round, but we realize that happens with golf.  It started off slow from the beginning with all four JV groups teeing off in front of him.  He managed the wind and slow play the best that he could, but the trees did him in.  He was disappointed with his score and the fact that they lost to Fairfield, a team they had beaten earlier in the season.  I know that Thursday will be a better day for him.  We've watched enough golf to know that there are ups and downs - good days and bad ones - career lows and career highs.  It's taken four years for me to realize that, but it helps put perspective on today.

Meg had a tough start to her sports week as well.  She played very well against Northridge tonight, but still ended up losing 6-0, 6-0.  The NLC has a lot of good tennis players and it made be challenging to secure more wins, but she is learning and growing each match.  Doug hadn't seen her play since the Westview match and he was impressed with how well she played and how much she improved.

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