Saturday, May 31, 2014


Doug and I have a wine bar that we loved to visit in Fort Wayne called Chops.  Tonight we sat in my favorite spot at the counter overlooking the chefs preparing the food.  I find it interesting watching them cook.  Each pan was heated in the stone oven before the food was prepared.  Hamburgers are one of their specialities and they made a lot of them.  From adding the spices to cutting the speciality cheese it is a busy kitchen full of activity.

Doug loves their risotto.  It is also a speciality and changes every week.  Tonight's featured blue cheese so I passed on trying it and instead tried the free range chicken with waffles.  It was spicy and sweet and I really liked it.  Another one of our favorites is asparagus and fried egg.  Much like the chicken and waffles I would have never thought of asparagus with egg, but it really works and we find it delicious.

Chops has wine flights that feature three small glasses of wine to try.  Doug likes trying a different three every time we go.  I, on the other hand, prefer to stick with the same three.  Normally we have dessert, but Doug wanted to try Joe's on the way home.  It was closed by the time we got there, so I think we will forget that idea for the next time.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Deep River Water Park

Today was Meg's turn to enjoy her PBIS reward trip.  Students with no write-ups or who served community service to "buy back" their write-ups were invited to go to Deep River Water Park.  I had offered to help chaperone the trip as several of the 8th grade teachers wanted to stay back.

Once again I had a great time as did Meg.  She hung out with Graham, Jacob, Jared, Preston and Clayton most of the day.  One of her teacher's tried to talk her into going down the Dragon body slide.  She told him that I wouldn't let her, so he called both of us wimps.

I walked around with Paula most of the day.  It was great talking to her.  This week was rough for her with Memorial Day and the twenty seven year anniversary of her high school sweetheart's tragic car accident.  We had a lot to discuss while we were walking.  We enjoyed watching our students as well.  Several had never been to the water park.  One screamed and jumped around all day long.

We were back in Milford by dinner time.  Both Meg and I got some sun and were worn out from the day.  It is times like these that I really appreciate teaching at Milford.  I was able to be a part of the my own children's experiences and still be a teacher.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roller Skating

Today Mrs. Sweatland and I switched morning classes.  Cam's class had their PBIS roller skating party and I wanted to go along.  She suggested switching classes, so I wouldn't have to take a personal day.  Cindy agreed to it with the disclaimer that  I would be in charge of nineteen third graders on roller skates and I may want to rethink the trade!!

I had a blast with Cameron's class, even though there were a lot of shoes to be tied, collisions, light up pacifers and Mountain Dew drank.  Cam was one of the first to fall, but after some practice on the carpet he was right back out there.  He hugged the railing for the first few trips around, but then made it all by himself for the final two laps.  He and his friends had a lot of fun and I was thrilled to have been a part of it.  Third grade is a fun year and Cameron has had a wonderful experience.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Next Year

I met with Cindy and Ryan today about next year.  They have an idea that might work and would allow me to change to full time.  I spent a lot of time looking into it today.  After researching it, I would definitely be interested.  I believe I could do what they are asking me to do.  I have a few questions, however, that would have to be asked before I would agree to it.  The best part for me about the meeting was that I realize that they do value me as a teacher.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today was one of those days that looked like it would turn out great, but it just didn't.  Sometimes it is best to just say, "I'm moving on.  Tomorrow is another day."  Thus, that is what we will do today.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today was a beautiful, yet busy Memorial Day.  We started the day at the Milford parade.  Meg and her bandmates marched and played "God Bless America."  Cam was the big winner of the day as the FFA float, which included Cade, kept raining candy on him as they passed by.

After the parade we attended the Memorial Day service at the Milford cemetery.  The speaker was a World War II veteran and his words resonated with me.  I thought of Paw Paw and his service to our country.  Much as this man, his experience in the war changed his entire outlook on life.  Paula was there with Gabrielle and Alex to pay respect to their father.  It touched all three of us as we left, seeing the girls face strewn with tears.  It is hard to imagine the pain they must feel every day because of Todd's loss. A national holiday can never truly honor the fallen heros of our country, but it is a start.

The rest of the day was spent at home.  Doug was able to finish his garden and take Cam and Meg to play tennis.  Cal still wasn't feeling that great, but did manage to play golf with Cameron Adams and Dominic.  I started staining the picnic table and glider that Paw Paw made.  Doug finished it for me as he definitely paints a lot quicker than I do.

Brett had a big day.  He worked this morning and has put in about 15 hours since he started Friday.  He feels a lot better about the job.  At first he was a little overwhelmed with the new responsibilities, but is really starting to catch on.  Tonight he went to Goshen for a cookout with his new employer.  He said he had a wonderful time.

We ended the evening by grilling out and then having a bonfire.  It was a fun way to end a beautiful weekend.  I still feel as though there is a lot to do, but we sure made headway and had fun as well this holiday.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rough Day

Cal seems to be on the mend from a rough day yesterday.  He woke up Saturday morning with what now appears to be a sinus infection.  He felt absolutely awful.  We tried Benadryl and Ibuprofen, but it just wasn't enough.  He threw up most of the day and throughout the NLC tournament.

God love him for sticking it out and finishing the round.  He would hit a shot and then bend over waiting for the next one.  There were a couple of bright spots as he birdied the first and tenth hole, but overall he finished the day with a 92.  Not what he was hoping for, especially since that score put them in last place in the NLC.

Doug and I both believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but it sure is hard to know how much he has worked this season only to have this happen.  That is the story of golf, however.  Good days and bad days all abound.  One errant shot or a bad hop can easily end a career round.  The nice part about the sport is that there is always another day.

Today Cal was back at it, practicing with his Grandpa and then later with his friends.  He is taking an antibiotic and started on allergy medicine.  Don't know how it will be for Tuesday's Bob Turner Classic at Tippy County Club.  The end goal now is to get ready for sectionals.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

They are the Champions!!

What an exciting morning for the Heinisch family on the soccer field.  Meg's team had the first game of the tournament at 9 a.m.  By the time Brett, Cam and I arrived 7 minutes into the game they were already down 2-1.  That deficit must have woke Doug's team up as they then outplayed their opponent the rest of the time and easily won 4-3.  Even watching the other team's coach get ejected from the game didn't rattle "The Niners!"

The undefeated gray team narrowly won the next game to advance to the finals against Meg's.  Doug and Meg's team had played them several times in the regular season and had lost.  Although the show down for today's championship was set in the morning, the anticipation of the game had been building all week.  Meg has a lot of her friends from Milford on her team - Graham, Meghan, Hope, Eric (times 2) and Cameron.  The gray team has all of the rest of her Milford soccer friends - Lauren, Gabby, Joe and Preston.  The trash talking had grown ugly and each team was sure that they would be the victors.
From the first few minutes of the game Meg's team took control and never looked back.  An own goal by the gray team seemed to knock the wind out of their sails early, but they were ever confident that they would rebound once their "superstar" player returned from a baseball game for the second half.  I believe they must have underestimated the talent and selflessness of Doug's team.  No one cared to be the superstar, and they completely took the other teams best players out of the game.

Meg's team dominated today's match easily winning 4-0.  There were many highlights from the game for me.  I watched Meg give up a shot on goal to pass to Graham in the hope that he would score his first goal.  Meg also took a shot to the face that knocked her down and got a grasp from the crowd.  She was up ready to go and in the next session of plays scored with her left foot on a beautiful breakaway run.

My favorite moment of the day, however, occurred as Meg was called for offsides.  One of the sixth graders whom Meg has known for quite awhile said loud enough for all to hear, "Ha! Ha! You were offsides."  Meg didn't miss a beat, turned to him and replied even more loudly, "Ha! Ha! We're winning!"  I loved it.  She truly is a Heinisch - neither pain nor the negative words of an opponent can slow her down.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Today was a very frustrating day for me at school.  I found out that I may not be hired to work full time next year as they may need to leave that position open to entice an IT person to come in to replace Mr. Woodard.  That new teacher would then get to teach math in the afternoons instead of me.

I was beyond mad.  I have been working past my scheduled hours for this school year and have lost a lot of my prep time due to morning meetings.  Thus, most of my grading and lesson planning come out of my own time.  I thought I had come up with a solution that would allow me to work full time or at least get paid for the extra time with students that I am putting in.  It looks as though that may not happen.

Doug and I will sit down over the next few weeks and see what our options are.  I really like the students and teaching, and I love being at the same school with Meg and Cameron.  I just don't want to go back next year feeling resentful from the beginning.  That will lead to disaster and I know it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The End

Tonight was the end of the boys conference golf regular season.  It was not the best they have ever scored, but it was enough to beat both Concord and Elkhart Memorial.  By doing so they ended the regular season 4-3 and 4th in conference.  Not too bad for a group of sixteen year olds.  Even with the win Cal was frustrated with his round.  He was hooking his driver.  Dad and Steve gave him several suggestions.  He is going to go out and work on them tomorrow.  Glad that he is not content with a 42 and wants to keep working on his game.

Tonight was also the end of the LYC soccer season for Cameron as well. His team put up a good fight, but in the end their opponent was just too much for them as they lost 5-0.  My parents were able to attend the game as I was in Elkhart with Cal.  My Dad said that was the best he had ever seen Cameron play outside of the goalie box.  Nice to hear as he has been working hard this season.   Now he can focus on his true love - golf!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

21 Years

Today is Doug and my 21st anniversary.  We celebrated with a quiet dinner out.  I asked Doug if it felt like 21 years.  He said that it did, but that didn't mean it was a bad thing.  I know exactly what he meant.  I can't remember what it was like before I met Doug.  It feels as though we have always been together.  Sometimes I forget that he didn't grow up here.  He knows so many of the same people that I do and has made Syracuse his hometown too.  

Today was the first time that all four children remembered on their own that it was our anniversary and made a point to tell us.  I really appreciated that.  I know that we are a close family and that we are as important to the Heinisch children as they are to us.  

It definitely took a lot of work on both of our parts to make it twenty-one years.  Everyday has not been the best day ever.  It sure has been worth it, however.  God smiled on me the day I met Doug.  I thank him everyday for that.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Cal

We spent Cal's birthday in the way that he would love best - on the golf course in a high school match.  His present to himself was the best of the evening.  He shot a career low 36.  Doug and I were so impressed!  He play very well on a challenging course.  He never panicked, kept his swing nice and easy, and did not let the crowd following him bother his play.

 I was thrilled to be part of it, and so very proud of him.  Cal's 16 years on this Earth have not always been easy.  He has been in and out of the doctor's office more times than I can count.  He battled severe asthma, recurring sinus infections, acute kidney disease, a broken hip and a broken ankle.  To think that he would be able to lead his golf team in any matter is just amazing. 

 He has definitely grown in patience and has learned to persevere.  Those life skills will benefit him greatly later in life.  For now, however, I will savor the moment.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Boomerang TV

After a busy day of school, meetings and cleaning we are all enjoying Fog Horn Leg Horn on Boomerang television.  The Looney Toons have been a favorite of the Heinisch children for many years.  It is one cartoon they can all agree on and Brett and Cal would still watch with the younger two even after they outgrew most other children's programs.  

Scooby Doo is another favorite that finds its way to our television via Boomerang from time to time.  The classics are the best and each of us has a favorite villain or episode.  This week we found out from Brett that Casey Kasem was missing from his family home.  As the longtime voice of Shaggy we were all sure that Fred, Velma, Daphne and Scooby had already hopped into the Mystery Machine to help on the case.

I love that some of our childhood favorites have found a place in the Heinisch home.  Fat Albert, Hong Kong Fuey and the Super Friends have also made an appearance from time to time.  They bring back great memories of Saturday morning cartoons and give the Heinisch family one more thing to debate -  "Who's your favorite Super Hero?  Which Scooby Doo character is in love with Freddie? etc.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The End of a Great Weekend

Last night Doug and I celebrated our anniversary a little early by having dinner at Chops Wine Bar in Fort Wayne.  It was a wonderful dinner and we both enjoyed the evening.  It was also a celebration of surviving one of the longest weeks of the year.  With the Spring Arts Festival, Cal's four golf matches, soccer, tennis, piano and Brett's search for a job it has been a whirlwind of activity.

Today was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was wonderful and everyone got outside to enjoy it.  Doug and I have been debating about outside furniture and tonight he painted the glider blue.  It looked a lot better.  I think we decided to purchase less expensive pieces to add to what we already have.  Doug also started weeding the garden and mulching around the landscaping.

I caught up on a lot of different projects here plus cut Doug and Brett's hair.  Cal played basketball and then worked on his swing with Dad.  Cameron met Mom and got in nine holes as well.  After today I am more than ready for summer!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Golf, Boys and Turtles

Today was a very interesting golf tournament.  The format was a four man best ball and each team played together as a fivesome.  Steve followed along with them keeping score and giving tips as he needed to.  I don't know how most teams fare in this type of competition, but ours turned in their worst 18 hole team score this year.  The course was definitely challenging with a lot of hills, hazards and fast greens.

I think for boys, however, the most challenging part was staying focused for 18 holes together.  On one hole the boys pulled a dead tree out of the ground, so Cal had a better shot.  They laughed when one of them hit a bad shot and even walked down the fairways snacking on a can of Lays.  I believe the highlight of the day was when Jeffrey used a turtle as a ball maker.  Even Coach Coverstone laughed at that one.

All in all it was a lot of fun watching them.  I realize that besides Tristen's 78, there wasn't much to celebrate.  It was, however, a great day for team bonding.  They are a great group and have been friends for a long time.  As they lay down around the green on the last hole waiting for Tristen to decide between putting or chipping a crucial shot, I know that they created a memory that they will hold onto for quite awhile.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Brett has had several job interviews so far.  The first was at Pizza King and tonight's was at Meijer.  He felt pretty good about both of them.  Meijer asked him back for a second interview on Monday.  He also has an interview with Dollar General tomorrow.  I know one of these will work out.

The five of us went shopping tonight at MC Sporting Goods for Cal's birthday present.  We made a run through Target as well.  Brett's been cleaning out his books and video games.  He sold some to Game Stop tonight as well.  We had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Normally, we can't get in there, but tonight we just beat the crowd.  It was a nice dinner and a great way to end the week.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Arts Festival

Tonight was the Spring Arts Festival for Milford Middle School.  Meg was an important part of the show playing both the piano and the clarinet in the band.  She did a fantastic job at both and received a lot of compliments.  Meg also had a minion picture in the art show and a blanket for FACS that won a third place ribbon.  It was a big night for her and it was awesome to see her showcase her talents.

The Spring Arts Festival is a big production for the Encore team.  We spend weeks getting ready for it.  This year was a lot of work, but definitely easier than last year as I knew what to plan for.  I had several students who spent time helping me put name tags and ribbons on the projects.  They also picked out the clip art and the title for the show.  Clara and Meg helped me organize the projects and narrow down the groups into winners and participants.  I had final say, but they gave me some really good opinions on the projects.  They also caught up on all of the Spring gossip.  Clara is in eighth grade and much like Meg has her finger on the pulse of Milford school.

This year I had several new categories (t-shirt pillows, t-shirt cinch bags, blankets, and pillowcases) to go along with last years' (button projects, children's toys and pillows.)  I had several people compliment the students on their work and the displays.  Most of the students took their work home with them at the end of the evening.  Doug, Meg and Cam were there to help carry back those that were left.  Once I had a chance to reflect upon the evening I was impressed with how well everything turned out.  It was a lot of work, but the students seemed to have really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Conference Play Begins

During this week Cal has four golf matches/tournaments.  Monday started the week off with the boys playing at Tippy Country Club against one of the premier high schools in our area, Penn.  Penn is by far the largest and most dominant in all of the sports or academic competitions that they enter.  They have over 4000 students and that provides for a pretty large talent pool.  The boys held their own, however, with a very respectable 158 to Penn's 151.  Cal played well and shot a 39 tieing his playing partner.  They easily beat the third team in the competition, LaVille.

Last night started conference play for the Warriors and our first conference win of the season moving our boys to 8-1 for the year.  Their win was against county rival, Warsaw, on the Tigers' home course.  It was a miserable weather night, but the boys did well.  Obviously, the Warsaw coach was pretty disappointed as he stated in the paper that they played like garbage and couldn't believe that they lost to Wawasee.

I had to laugh as I read the article.  We have been playing against these boys for a long time.  It may have been our first win against them, but all of the matches have been close.  Not too impressed with a coach that whines after a loss, but completely impressed with our boys' team this year.  What a great group of young men they are.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Fitzgeralds

Tonight Cameron had tennis and Cal had a golf match.  Brett was busy searching for jobs, so Meg decided to ride with me to Warsaw.  I wanted to catch part of Cal's golf match and Meg wanted to visit the Fitzgeralds.  Brooklyn, Avery, Shane and Landry Fitzgerald are the grandchildren of our next door neighbors.  Meg and Cameron have been friends with them for quite a few years.  During the winter they do not get to spend as much time together as everyone is busy with school, sports, etc.

Lately, however, when one of the boys have an activity in Warsaw Meg texts them to see if she can stop by for a visit.  They are always eager to see Meg.  Brooklyn is 11 and Avery is 9.  The girls enjoy playing Just Dance, riding bikes, rolling down hills and talking about all of the important things going on in their lives.  Landry is only two, so she hasn't quite joined the group.   For the longest time Shane (now five) had big plans to marry her.  I am not sure if he still feels the same, but he definitely tries to join in on all of their adventures.

It has been neat to see their friendship develop.  Their grandparents, Rich and Teresa, put their house up on the market a year ago.  I remember the disappointment in Meg's voice when she realized that they might be moving and her friends would not be over in the summers.  Luckily, for her they haven't left the neighborhood yet.  Thus, this summer the Fitzgerald and Heinisch children can Slip N Slide, have picnic lunches, play Wii until all hours of the night, and continue to create memories to last a lifetime.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Job Search

There was good news for Brett today as all of his classes finally posted his final grades.  Brett got a B in both Finite and Spanish.  For awhile he said he would be glad just to pass these two classes, so the B's were great.  Speech gave him an A- and he earned A's in Latin American Politics and Middle Eastern Wars.  He was most proud of the last one as that class was a 300 level one and he was a freshmen taking it.

I am proud of Brett for the hard work he put in this semester.  His current GPA is over 3.5.  He also made an impression on several of his instructors.  The one in speech even gave him a bowtie and suspenders as a parting gift.

After the good news about his grades, the search for a summer job began.  Brett spent several hours online filling out applications.  He hopes to get a job in Warsaw or Syracuse.  I know he will find one.  It just may take some time.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today was  a true Mother's Day in that all of the Heinisch children needed their mother's help with something or other and we spent the day helping them.  Doug was able to take Brett to visit Jeanette.  He had really wanted to see her as soon as he got home and today was the best day for that.  Meg had several items that I needed to help her with that took up most of the afternoon.  By the time I finished with helping her Cameron had returned from the golf course and needed immediate attention as well.  Cal spent the afternoon at the golf course trying to correct the problem in his swing, so he just needed us to leave him alone.

The day was not a total work day, however, as we were able to all meet together for dinner.  We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings and for the first time since Disney World, we were all able to go out together.  Doug had brought me flowers earlier in the week and today they gave me chocolate almonds.  Cameron's Happy Mother's Day sign greeted me first thing this morning and Meg's homemade card reading "Muffins to do, but appreciate you!" was awesome!

Overall, not the mother's day we had planned, but life happens and sometimes plans go awry.  We will regroup later in the summer and, hopefully, have a Mother's and Father's Day celebration together.  Until then I will just enjoy being the mom of the very busy Heinisch children.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


It's official.  After helping Brett pack yesterday for his trip home, I realized that none of my oldest three children inherited my knack for organizing.  I had envisioned walking into Brett's dorm room and all of his clothes neatly fold on the bed waiting to go into suitcases.  Instead they were strewn all over the room.  Brett said that he tried to fold them, but just couldn't get the hang of it.

I am still laughing about it today.  In my mind everything has a place and is neatly put away.  Having four children I realize that my dream of a perfectly organized house has gone by the wayside.  Organization is just not that important to Brett, Meg or Cal.  They laugh at me when I offer suggestions.  Cal carries around one ripped up folder with all of his papers shoved into it.  I have cleaned out Meg's locker more times than I can count this year to find whatever she is sure is not in there, but always is.

I really think the problem with their organization is me.  I spent so much time when they were younger helping them keep everything in order that I drove them crazy.  This is their secret way of getting back at me.  There is hope, however.  Cameron shows signs of inheriting my skill for organization.  I am probably just dreaming, but until I have to clean out his closet to find his golf shirt I will be hopeful.

Friday, May 9, 2014


As we pulled into Wright Quad this morning Doug said, "This is a whole different feeling then when we dropped Brett off.  Then, we had no idea how the year would be for Brett.  Now we can celebrate in his accomplishments."  I had never thought of that, but Doug was totally correct.  

When we left Brett last August, I had hoped that he would enjoy IU and all that Bloomington had to offer.  I never dreamed he would take to it as well he did.  Brett grew in independence and self-confidence.  There were times he was frustrated with his school work and was homesick, but overall he handled the first year of college very well.  He met a lot of people, forged new friendships, ventured to DC and Florida, and survived a scare with his roommate.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

After we loaded all of Brett's belongings into the van, we headed to TIS.  Brett had a book to sell back and I wanted to pick out some IU wear.  We then journeyed to Oliver Winery to celebrate Brett's the end of Brett's freshmen year.  We had a wonderful lunch with him and as always enjoyed the conversation very much.  We are thrilled to have Brett home for the summer.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

No Longer a Freshmen

Last night Brett officially completed his freshmen year at IU.  He ended his final in Finite before dinner and was at Buffalouies to celebrate by early evening.  He spent a lot of time studying these past few weeks and I know that his grades will reflect that.  He didn't want to jinx himself, but he is pretty sure that he passed Finite and will never have to take another math class again!!  Brett is always worried about his grades, so we try not to put any added pressure on him.  He has to maintain a 3.0 to keep his yearly scholarship of $3000.  I reminded him several times this year that all he needs is two A's, one B and two C's to do that.  He is definitely capable of that, and I am sure that he will do much better.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What a Beautiful Day!

Tonight it was my turn to walk along with Cal at his golf match.  I was there for most of his tournament yesterday, but today I was there from tee off to last putt.  Cal played very well.  I was really impressed with his approach shots, chipping and putting.  After five holes he was even par.  He finished the day with a 40 which was low for both schools.

Even though the match was an hour away, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.  The weather was beautiful and the course was very well maintained.  The fact that Cal was playing so well made it all the more worthwhile.  I headed home after the match and Cal and his teammates talked the coach into stopping at the nearby Dairy Queen.  What a great way to celebrate their victory.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Furniture

Today Meg and I went shopping for new bedroom furniture for her.  Cam had to go along as my parents' were working the election.   It turned into a fun experience for all three of us.  Cameron spent all of the time in the electronic recliners.  He was sure that he needed one.  He remembered Great Grandma Heinisch's and all of the fun he had with it at her home.  He even made the disclaimer that he could lay it flat and use it as a bed, so we could sell his.  Hated to disappoint him, but $1000 was a little more than I wanted to spend on a remote controlled chair.

Meg knew exactly what she wanted before we arrived.  She had looked before when we picked out flooring for the living room.  She wanted a queen size bed with a headboard and drawers underneath.  Once we established the color and design that she wanted, we had to decided on between a dresser or a chest of drawers.  She really liked the dresser, because it had a mirror attached to it.  We eventually decided on a chest of drawers instead as she doesn't have a lot of wall space and the dresser would be twice as long and the drawers were thinner.  I also bought her a nightstand.  With that and the drawers under her bed she should have a lot more space for clothes now.  It will take three weeks for the furniture to be delivered and set up.  We have time to pick out a comforter, curtains and a free standing mirror by then.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, Monday

It is really hard for me to fall asleep on Sunday nights.  School has become a lot of work, and my mind cannot relax as I think of the days ahead.  I am having a really hard time balancing being a teacher, mother and wife, let alone anything else.  Doug and I sat down tonight and looked at our budget and commitments.  We talked seriously about our current schedule and our thoughts for next year.  My part time job has become closer to a full time commitment.  I really enjoy my students, but teaching requires a lot of work outside of the classroom.  Without a prep time it becomes quite challenging.

Thus, Doug and I will talk more about next fall in the summer months.  I will plan on meeting with my principal and see what her thoughts are as well.  I would love to be there for Meg's eighth grade year as I know that she enjoys having me at school.  We will have to see what type of compromises we can make before we come to any conclusions.  For now I will take it one day at a time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moving On

Well, it looks as though Cal and Meghan have each decided to officially move on.  She has been dating someone else for the past couple of weeks, and last night we took Cal over to a girl's to "hangout."  He said they had a great time.

Of all of the things in high school that I do not miss, I have to say that dating is #1.  I thought that was the most challenging part of being a teenager.  Many high school romances turn into a lot of drama.  That would have described my experience.  I hope that none of my children are part of a high maintenance relationship.  It can turn the fun days of high school into a drag.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meg's Head

Meg has been dealing with a rash on her neck and head that has been driving her crazy.  We finally figured out what the problem was.  It took quite awhile to apply the medicine to her head.  Meg has such long and thick hair, it made it quite challenging to get to her scalp.  I was amazed at how patient she was.  I would have struggled with it.  Hopefully, now that we figured it out, we will be able to help her.  Doug suggested cutting her hair like Cameron's to be able to get to her scalp better.  We both gave him a death look.  Being a girl sometimes is a lot of work, but so glad that God gave me one.  The Heinisch family frat house would be pretty lonely for me without her.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Cam's friend Cade had a horrible day yesterday.  His beloved dog had to be put to sleep.  Cade's sister, Hope, is in my 8th grade class and she shared with me the details of Cade's grief last night.  Her rendition of the story definitely brought tears to my eyes.

 As I relayed the story to Doug he talked of the time he had to bury his beloved "Tenspeed."  It made me think of Cosmo and Apollo.  I cannot believe how much enjoyment two little "pigs" can bring to a family.  No matter how my day is going, they are happy to see me when I walk in the door.  They greet me with a squeak, and if I don't get them their carrots fast enough, the whistling starts.  As I walk through the room, their heads peer over their tubs to check out what is going on.  Cal reminds me almost daily that they can't understand what I am saying.  I realize that, but still love pretending they do.

I know that one day the "pigs" will no longer be part of our family.  Much as Cade felt last night, we will mourn the loss of our pets.  Tonight I will feed them an extra carrot and scratch their heads a couple of more times.  Even though Cal doesn't believe me, I know that their extra loud squeak says "Thank You!"

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Cal had a home golf meet tonight that went well.  He shot 41 and the team combined shot a 159.  The teams they were playing were a lot weaker, so it wasn't much of a contest for them, but they still played well.  I was surprised that they got the match in as the weather was miserable.  My parents braved the rain and 40 degree weather.  I stayed home to take Cam and Meg to soccer practice.  Doug ended up having to cancel that anyway.  By the time we arrived at Cal's match there were only a couple of holes left.  Being the wimp that I am, I watched from the clubhouse as Doug and Dad continued on.

Even with the poor Spring weather, Doug and I have remarked several times about the relief it feels to have moved on to a new sport.  Basketball was such a drain this winter that it is wonderful to see Cal back in action on a team that he truly enjoys.  His coach is a positive influence on the boys and I love watching them all interact together.  Win or lose, for now, I will just relish in the enjoyment that this season has brought to our family.