Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to Our Routine

This is our second day back to school after Spring Break and so far the transition has went pretty well.  I can't say that any of us were ready for the alarm clock Monday morning, but knowing that this is the last big push before summer break has made it a lot easier.  The weather feels, smells and sounds a lot more like Spring and that definitely helps.  Golf and soccer season are in full swing.  That makes for a lot of running around, especially since Meg and Cal are also playing as much basketball as possible.  The musical is over for Brett, so at least his schedule has calmed down quite a bit.  Cameron has already asked his grandparents when he can go swimming off of their pier.  I love his enthusiasm for summer, but it is not quite warm enough for that yet.

I wasn't sure how school would be after the ten day break, but so far the students are right back at it.  I even gave a test today and all did pretty well.  My writing lab finished up their fantasy story writing yesterday.  I was so happy that my student that was sad to be leaving school for Spring Break greeted me Monday morning by shouting down the hall, "Mrs. Heinisch, I was able to write two more chapters over break.  I can't wait to type them!"  I am glad that all is going well.  Like the students, I am on the count down to summer.  However, it is great to see, that just as the Heinisch children, my students are still enthusiastic and have big plans for a great end to the school year.

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  1. Sometimes routines are comforting. We are in state testing, and I'm trying to survive a week without my students. (I teach them as pull-out, so they stay with the regular class during testing.) I miss them and will be ready to get back to our routine next week.