Monday, July 10, 2017

A Rain Out

Cam had planned on playing golf this morning with my Mom and then again tonight with Doug and I.  Unfortunately, the rain had other plans and by 10 a.m. the courses were closed.  Cal was the only one happy about that as he had to work an outing and there are no tips involved in those.  Cam did finally make it out of the house around 2.  He and Grandpa Cutes went to North Webster to hit balls.  Cam has grown quite a bit in the last year, so they were thinking about having his irons extended.  This would last him until the Spring when it will probably be time to look at new ones.

Since Cal couldn't work, HM came over after basketball.  Cal impressed everyone with his giant pizza/quesadilla making skills.  Hannah-Marie found out that she might be getting a new puppy.  Cal's still sure that he needs one.  Although I think dogs are great pets, I have no desire to take on the workload of one.  They went over to her house in the afternoon.  Cal spent the rest of the evening reading his Stephen King book once he got back.

I took advantage of the time between storms to take a walk.  I was able to make it an hour which gave me over 6000 steps.  I also spent time organizing Brett's items that he brought home form D.C.  I believe that I even figured out how to keep Meg's Snapchat streaks alive.  We'll see when she gets back if it worked.  Her friends may think that she has gone crazy as the picture I shared was of a squirrel eating on our corn feeder.

Doug made dinner after he went jogging.  We finally turned on the air conditioning.  The humidity was intense today and our thermostat read 83 when I finally hit the cool switch.  After we ate we finished Witness for the Prosecution.  It has so many twists in it, that I have never been able to remember them all.  I enjoyed watching it again especially since we just walked through the Marlene Dietrich exhibit in D.C.

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