Monday, June 26, 2017

The Playoff

The next stop on Cameron's junior golf tour was today at Harbor Shores in Michigan.  It was the furthest away and the most expensive, but well worth the time and money for him to play in it.  This was the same golf course that Doug had gone to several times to watch the seniors play.  Cam's tee off time was later than normal - 3:52 as everyone had to start on number one.  We got a text from Mom to let us know that they actually teed off about 30 minutes later than scheduled.  I didn't hear much from them the rest of the day and by 7 p.m. I decided to try contacting them.  No one answered or texted back.  I wasn't worried, just more interested in how he did.

While Cam was gone Meg and I went shopping in Goshen.  She has a busy four weeks ahead of her with a trip to Vincennes with the basketball team, our family vacation to D.C. and her two week stint at Camp Crosley.  We knew that this was the best day to spend purchasing supplies.  We found everything pretty easily except for a pair of hiking sandals.  Since we had time before tennis we decided to try Concord Mall.  It had been a long time since I have walked through it.  I was surprised by how few stores there were.  We did find a pair of sandals at J.C. Penney's, but they were out of her price range.  We tried one last store - Shoe Sensation - and they had exactly what she was looking for and well under half the price of the ones at Kohl's and Penney's.

I dropped Meg off at tennis as it was at Goshen Middle School.  It was when Doug and I were heading back to pick her up that we finally heard from everyone in Michigan.  Cam had played exceptionally well finishing tied for second.  Each one of them were at less than 5% on their phones so they were calling from one of his opponents' mothers phone to let us know that they were headed to a playoff.  It was well over an hour before we heard from them again.  Cam had finished third losing by a stroke on the third hole of the playoff.  We didn't talk to them again until 11 p.m. when they pulled in our driveway.  Everyone was exhausted, but extremely happy with Cam's round.  He had just enough time to show me his medal and give me the hole by hole details before he headed to bed.  

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