Friday, June 23, 2017


Today was a lot cooler than yesterday.  The weather has definitely been strange this month.  Although I hate weeding, I decided today was the day to finish it.  By the end of the morning I had three wheelbarrow loads full.  While I was weeding Meg had Aaron and Graham over.  They played Mario Kart and Disney Sing It.  Now that Aaron has his license, he has been able to visit more.  Cam played golf the last couple of days and has been playing well.  Tuesday he was able to have Cade over.  It is nice that Cam and Meg have been able to keep relationships going with their Milford friends even though they switched schools.

Meg had her last day of basketball camp.  That went well this week.  She's been learning their plays and shaking out the rusty parts.  Doug, Cam and I went golfing while she was there.  Cal was already at Maxwelton, so he joined us for the back nine.  I hadn't played golf in three years and last summer I even sold my golf clubs at the garage sale.  Meg had a set, so I tried hers.  After the first two holes, I thought about picking up and just riding along.  I couldn't hit the ball at all.  I started to rebound and in the end did pretty well shooting 54.  The best part, however, was spending time with Doug, Cal and Cam.  I haven't played with Cal in a long time and was surprised at how long he hits the ball.  He shot 38 and Cam had a 42.  It was a great way to end an extremely busy week.

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