Friday, June 9, 2017

Chess Champion

Cam finished Bright Time camp this afternoon by winning their chess tournament.  Instead of a medal or trophy, this year he was given a book on chess.  He really liked that.  I asked him if he had won every year that he had participated.  He said that last year an 8th grader beat him, so he finished second that summer.  No matter how he did, we know that he has learned a lot this week in chess and had fun participating.

Soccer had fun games and championships today as well.  Cam won best dribbler for the 7th grade which earned him a new pair of Bethany soccer socks.  Basketball and tennis went well also.  Cam was happy to have participated in Bright Time, but was definitely exhausted by the end.  He celebrated by hanging out with Grandpa while Meg went golfing with Grandma.  Meg hasn't played in quite some time, but did very well.  We enjoyed a bonfire afterward, happy to welcome in the weekend.

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