Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Lot of Stuff!!

Today Doug helped me a lot on the garage sale.  I appreciated it as we have even more items to sell then I realized.  I am very glad that everyone decided to clean out this winter, but am very overwhelmed with how much there there was to mark and set out.  We did get a lot done, but I think that this will take most of tomorrow as well.

Meg had Preston and Aaron over this afternoon.  They went to a friend of their's graduation open house and then to Grandma's to go swimming.  It was definitely a great day for swimming as we are having unseasonably hot weather for June.  Cam and Dad wanted to go see Captain Underpants, so the three of them decided to tag along.  Meg, Cam and my Dad enjoyed the movie as they had all read the book series.  While they were gone Doug and I went to dinner.  It was a nice break after all of the work we did today.

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