Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day of Running Around

Cameron had a great day at Bright Time camp yesterday, but decided that he would take a break this morning and go to the first day of the junior league at Raccoon Run.  Meg and I were there to  pick him up at noon.  He moved up an age group this year which meant he had to play off the black tees.  He did well for his first time, shooting 50 and finishing second for the 12-14 year olds.  He was happy with it.

Meg tried tennis this afternoon at Bethany.  She said that it went pretty well and enjoyed meeting their number one singles player.  The competition is not what it was at Wawasee and that will take some getting used to.  After tennis Meg went to basketball and enjoyed it as much as she did last week.  She said that she didn't play as well as she did Thursday, but still held her own.  She signed up to go with the team to a tournament in Vincennes June 28 to July 2nd and was excited about that.  

Doug did not have to work late, so he went with us to pick her up at 7 p.m.   She was tired from all of the activity, but ready to go to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Tuesday has always been traditional night, but tonight they had a special on boneless wings too which was a bonus for us.  Meg drove home so she could get some night time hours.  She has been doing very well with her driving.  She takes her test on the 20th in Albion.  Neither Brett nor Cal passed on their first time.  We'll see how she does.

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