Monday, May 22, 2017

Flowers Are Done!

Tonight Doug picked up mulch from Menards to put around our planted flowers.  I didn't realize that he was going to put it down tonight too, but he got it done.  It was a beautiful evening to work outside.  Meg and I also took advantage of the sun and warm weather to fill our last planter.  We found the perfect red hibiscus at Clayton's and a place on the porch for it.  With that work our yard was complete.  

Meg enjoyed helping with the flowers this year and I appreciated her joining in.  She told me that our yard was beautiful.  In fact the only yard that she felt beat it in our community was Teresa's (when they still lived next door.)  We both agreed that neither compared to Grandma and Grandpa Heinisch's when Jeanette was still alive.  Their gardens flowed with perennials and annuals every year and we always enjoyed walking through the yard to admire them.  Now that Meg knows how much work planting and watering really are, she was even more impressed with the time that Carl and Jeanette put into theirs. 

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