Friday, May 5, 2017

Aunt Linda

Today was the funeral mass for Doug's Aunt Linda.  She joined the Heinisch family when she married Uncle Ray over 15 years ago.  We were so sad to hear of her death as Linda had been a favorite of ours.  She always had a kind word for our family and was a great support to Jeanette when she was dying.

While in DeKalb Doug was able to visit with a lot of family members that he hadn't seen since his Jeanette's funeral.  Meg doesn't get to see the Heinisch cousins very often and she had a day to learn more about being a Heinisch, which she enjoyed.  It was sad to think that only funerals have given Doug a chance to visit with his family, but we made plans with Dan to get back out to DeKalb this summer.  Doug also promised Uncle Ray that we would visit him as well.  I am hoping that I feel better soon, so we can start taking trips again.

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