Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's Mine is Yours . . .

Cal headed back to Bloomington this evening.  He didn't bring much home and didn't take a lot back - except for one prized item - his 1970s box fan that was bought at a garage sale for a $1.  It was a great purchase as nothing cools a room off quicker than that fan.  As he left he asked if it was ok for him to take it.  He said that his at school was working fine, but a friend needed one and since no one was using it, he thought he'd help him out.

Of course, Doug and I said sure.  We learned a long time ago that possession has no boundaries with Cal.  If a friend was in need he was usually the first one to offer help even if it meant giving away something of his.  He definitely fit the quote "shirt off his back" very well, and we are proud of him for adopting this philosophy.

There have been times that Cal's need to help his friends came at the expense of his siblings' personal property or Doug's.  Usually, Cal was able to recover the "gift" when I explain the significance of the item.  I can only remember a couple of things that left the Heinisch home never to return.  His siblings have gotten used to looking through his room or asking him if they have seen a "misplaced" charger, game or article of clothing.  Meg's even been know to raid Cal's closet on dress up days to outfit her friends as she knows that he doesn't mind lending a hand to a good cause even if it is just a floral shirt for Hawaiian day.

Even though Brett, Cam and Meg enjoying giving to others, they haven't totally adopted his communal style or his frugality.  He was the Heinisch child who spent the least, was always looking for a bargain, earned his own money and didn't seem to want for much.  He was conscientious about money and a big shopping day for him was a trip to Goodwill.  Parce asked me not too long ago if I thought his philanthropic behavior would change once he had a job and was living on his own.  I really don't think it will.  Cal's a giver - part of that is personality and part of that has been learned.  Doug and I have been volunteering and helping out in this community for as long as I can remember.  Cal just chose a different way to give back.

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