Thursday, March 23, 2017


Tonight was the second Academic Super Bowl meet of the year and the first with all of the math team members available to participate.  Wawasee has hosted the conference match for the past several years now and we appreciated having it close by.  Meg had to go to a tennis scrimmage first to support her tennis teammates.  She wasn't able to participate as she had to have five practices in.  Instead of playing against West Noble, Meg instead practiced with the managers.  Since she wasn't playing, we didn't go to the scrimmage.  Doug, however, met her there and took her to the Academic Super Bowl meet.

The math team did well.  For the first half Preston was paired with Evan and Clayton.  After question 13, a break was called for substitutions.  Meg took over for Preston at this time and helped her team to answer eleven of the final twelve questions that they were asked.  Wawasee did not have much of a chance of beating Northridge as they blew by everyone answering 24 out of the 25 questions correct.  They did, however, catch up to the rest of the field and in the end finished in a tie for second place by answering 21 questions in total.

Doug, Cam, Mom, Dad and I were all in attendance to support Meg's team.  Aaron even made it back from the tennis scrimmage in time to sit in her cheering section.  We were all extremely proud of their math team.  They represented Wawasee and Milford well.  Miss Justice is hopeful that they will make it to state.  We are as well.  That would be an awesome achievement.

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