Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ready to Go

I had a meeting after school today that lasted until 4.  As soon as I left I called Brett to check on his packing progress.  He felt he was on top of it and when I got home I had to agree.  Brett had everything organized and moved out of the bedroom he had been sleeping in.  He went to Shopko this afternoon and bought some tubs to store the items that he would not be taking and had started putting everything in them.

I joined him in the basement as soon as I walked in.  We first packed the items he would need, starting with the clothes.  As he will have roommates and a furnished apartment we decided to focus mostly on bedding, towels, toiletries, groceries, clothes and some office supplies.  By the time Meg left for tennis we had everything packed and moved upstairs.

We thought this was the perfect time to take a break.  Brett wanted to eat dinner at the Rootbeer Stand, so Cam and I joined him.  The food was good and Brett was happy to go to one of his favorite local stops.  When we got home we finished putting everything that he didn't want to take in tubs.  For now we will be storing his items in the basement under the stairs.  Cleaning out the storage room in January gave us some extra storage space and since he has been on the go a lot, it will be easier to have everything packed and in one area of the house.

Doug had to work late tonight, but was able to pick up Meg and exercise while she was at tennis.  When he got back we were completely ready.  The only help we needed was unhooking the Playstation 4 and the TV.  Brett was not sure if he will need them, but wanted to take them just in case.  Doug was impressed with all that we had gotten done.  I was too!

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