Thursday, February 9, 2017

Read In

Cam stayed after school to participate in a read in at Bethany.  February is the annual read-a-thon for middle school students.  The money they raise is used for new playground equipment, books for the library and also to purchase school supplies at an elementary that Bethany sponsors in South America.  Cameron had fun staying after to read even though there were not a lot of middle school students in attendance.  There were snacks for them to eat and a prime spot on the library couch.

I picked Cam up at 5.  He was happy to say that he read over 60 minutes today.  His goal is 300 minutes a week for the month.  My parents and Doug and I have sponsored him for a total of 7 cents a minute.  With that and the pledge that Carl made he should be able to raise over a $100 this month.  Glad he has taken this task seriously.

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