Thursday, January 19, 2017

Internship, Grad School & More

Brett has spent quite a bit of time researching what he would truly like to do with his life after college.  He enjoyed working for Right to Work, but most jobs in the political science realm require a masters or more experience then he has.  He decided to branch out and seek employment in other fields as well.  In addition he also is looking at additional masters programs that he enter at IU or Purdue and has decided that law school is sounding better and better.

Today he had an interview with Freedom Works.  They are based out of D.C. Brett has followed their politics for quite some time and thought they would be interesting to work for.  The interview was for a paid Spring internship.  He felt the interview went well and we strongly encouraged him to pursue it.  The timing would be perfect as he could start grad school when it was over.  Crossing my fingers for him.  He has definitely worked hard to find something that would fit his niche.

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