Saturday, December 24, 2016

A New Tradition

On Christmas Eve there are so many traditions that the Heinisch family has come to enjoy.  The morning always starts off with cookie baking with Doug.  After that there are usually last minute gifts to wrap and then time to get ready for children's mass.  We have a new priest this year, but mass remained the same with the children gathered around the nativity.  After mass we open Godparent gifts.  Following the gifts we start a light dinner of summer sausage, cheese and crackers while watching It's a Wonderful Life.

Today was followed the same pattern of Christmas Eves of the past except for the one new tradition Cameron started.  While demonstrating a baseball stance in Super Mario he leaned back a little too far and took out the Christmas tree.  That ended the game for awhile, but thankfully only a couple of branches were damaged and no gifts were lost.  After thinking about it, this actually may not have been a new tradition.  Brett face planted at Christmas Eve mass a couple of years ago and Cam ripped his pants while kneeling for a picture by the tree last year.  Maybe falling down is a Heinisch family comedy tradition.  No matter what it made the day even more memorable.  All too soon they will be off with their own family making their own traditions.  Therefore I will enjoy this day all the better.

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