Friday, November 25, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree!

Doug and I were both up early.  We hadn't planned that, but it worked out well as we had a lot that we wanted to get done today.  Most of it revolved around getting out the Christmas decorations.  He had the tree ready to decorate before Meg and Cam got up and I put all of the Thanksgiving away and dusted before lunch.  We spent most of the afternoon decorating as well.  Meg and Cam helped with the ornaments on the tree.  Brett missed out on most of it as he went to lunch, bowling and a movie with his friend, Seth.  Cal was also in and out most of the day as HM came over after practice and they then went to Warsaw to see the Christmas lights at Center Lake.

Doug and I decided to take a break around 4 to try the Tippy Winery.  We hadn't been there since the summer and both enjoyed it.  When we got back Brett was home and Preston and Aaron were here.  It was loud in our home, but everyone was having fun.  Brett and Cam decided to go to Grandma's Jane for dinner and to play games.  We dropped Meg, Preston and Aaron off at the movie uptown.  We then headed to Target to pick up two new TV stands.

Cam and Brett were home by the time we got back.  Cam couldn't believe what we had with us - a purple tinsel hippo.  He and I added it to our collection of lighted figures in the front yard.  I know that it wasn't Doug's favorite purchase, but the rest of us thought it was a great find.  We had a mishap with the TV stands, but once we figured that out we came up with a plan for tomorrow's projects.

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