Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy 48th or 49th, it's all the same!

Today was my 48th birthday.  Years do not make me sad.  I always appreciate the fact that I am one year older as there are plenty of people who do not make it into their 40's.  Therefore, I do not feel that I should ever moan about my age.  A couple of weeks ago I realized that when anyone asked me my age, I naturally said 48.  It wasn't until Cam said, "So you'll be 48, Mom, right?" that I realized that I actually was only 47 and would just be turning 48.  I kept thinking I would be 49, so I it's almost like I gained a year.

We decided to stay in tonight and have my favorite - Doug's spaghetti.  Mom came up later with dessert - angel food cake, ice cream and a big cookie.  As much as I enjoyed all of the delicious food, my favorite part of tonight might have been opening my gifts.  Brett gave me the book "Hunchback of Notre Dame."  I loved Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, so he knew I would love this as well.  Cam and Meg gave me some fun jewelry from Morocco in Epcot and Doug scored big with purple luggage.  I had been hinting that I need it for quite some time.  Now I will be able to travel in style.

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