Friday, September 16, 2016

Team Bonding

Last weekend the soccer team had a party at one of their teammates homes.  There was a ping pong tournament that Meg really enjoyed.  This weekend they spent Friday night together working the concession stand at the football game.  It was a busy night for them as Wawasee hosted Northwood and the stands were packed.  When I dropped Cam off to meet Evan there were very few parking spaces left.  It didn't help in the concession stand that several of the girls cancelled at the last minute or just didn't show up.

The girls who did fulfill the commitment, however, had a lot of fun.  Meg spent her time filling drink orders.  Normally the concession stand closes after the third quarter, but spectators kept lining up and it was well into the fourth before they could finally start cleaning up.   Both Meg and Doug enjoyed one of the players reactions when a fan frustrated with the fact that they ran out of popcorn late in the game said, "What kind of concession stand are you?"  They both told me the story once they walked in the door.

Cam also enjoyed his evening at the game, although he did say that he probably wouldn't go if Evan wasn't there.  They did hang out with some of his other Milford friends.  This has been a great way for him to stay in touch with those he was close to from Milford even though he does not seem them daily.  Mary brought him home a little later than Meg and Doug arrived.  He filled us in on a few antics of the evening and then headed straight to bed.  He has an early morning soccer game and wanted to be ready for it.

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