Monday, August 1, 2016

New Hampshire Revisted

My parents left last Wednesday for New England.  They have never been and really wanted to visit Brett.  They took their time getting to Concord and spent half a day in Niagara Falls.  I don't know if they enjoyed the Maid of of the Mist tour as much as we did, but they did try it.  They also watched the 3-D movie about the Falls that I would like to go to next time.

They stayed in Concord from Friday until Monday morning and visited many historical sties including the home of Franklin Pierce.  They were also able to eat at several different restaurants including ones featuring mostly seafood and also Brett's favorite political stop - The Barley House.  I was thrilled that they made the trip.  I know that they really wanted to see Brett and I was happy that all went well.  Not sure where Brett will end up next, but for now we have all enjoyed visiting him in New England.

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