Friday, July 15, 2016

VP Pick

Today Donald Trump announced his Vice Presidential choice for running mate.  Although it was not a surprise with all of the news coverage in the past few days, it wasn't until this week that speculation had even surrounded current Indiana governor, Mike Pence.  From a Trump perspective it is a logical choice.  Pence is a Christian Conservation who is a favored son of the right wing side of the Republican party.  Despite the argument from the liberal left, Pence has worked hard as Governor to balance the budget, increase spending in education and promote the policies of the pro-life movement.

I consider myself a Republican, but not a far right conservative.  I do not believe in abortion for me, but it is not my place to judge others' choices.  I am not against gay marriage, but believe that it is a states right issue not a federal one.  I don't really care how public bathrooms are labeled - men, women, child, family - I just hate using them in general.  Economies are cyclical, so I don't worry too much about that either.

I do care deeply about two top political issues that in my mind top all of them.  Those are the philosophy of government handouts and the insurgence of ISIS.  I do not believe in free college education for everyone and forced healthcare.  The theories may be nice, but in reality the only way to get someone to appreciate what they have is for them to earn it.  It's easy to give up on something or become apathetic if it is free.  I have witnessed this first hand.  There needs to be a reason to succeed.  Free college makes it too easy.  There would be nothing lost in quitting school or slacking in classwork.

I also believe that that forced healthcare initiative has made it challenging for businesses.  Businesses are not evil, they have to make money or they cannot exist.  By forcing businesses to pay for health insurance for all employees working 40 hours just made them cut the amount of time employees worked.  Our substitute teachers at school now can only work 4 days a week instead of their typical 5.  They are already underpaid.  Obama's healthcare initiative did not help them gain access to health insurance, instead they had their weekly earnings lowered.

Nothing above, however, compares to the threat of ISIS.  Democrats and Republicans will probably never agree on government assistance.  I can accept that.  I do believe we are raising a generation of people who rely too heavily on handouts, but what scares me the most are the attacks in the Middle East.  They have become far too commonplace.  The targets have gotten larger.  Just this week someone drove a truck into a crowd of thousands killing close to 100 and injuring 3 times that many.  I want a president, vice-president, secretary of defense, etc. who will eliminate this threat.  I believe that this faction was created on Obama's watch and while Hillary was Secretary of State.  They have had their chance and in my mind have created an environment where these attacks will continue.  I am willing to take a chance on a Republican ticket, even if it is atypical, because right now I believe that they have the best chance of controlling the situation.  If I am wrong, I accept that, but status quo is unacceptable.  We are putting out fires after they occur.  We need to be proactive and preventative.  I just don't believe that the Democratic party is willing to do this.

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