Thursday, June 16, 2016


Our day started in one of the new halls on IU's campus.  This area had been run down when we were students, but they have done a great job adding apartment style dorms there now.  After we signed in we were immediately separated from Cal.  He was looking forward to the day plus there were a few IU basketball players in his group which added to his interest.

Doug and I walked to Rawles Hall which was almost all the way across campus for the first parent meeting.  There were several speakers that provided us with a lot of information while we were there.  Most of it we had already heard from Brett's orientation or knew from his years there.  I thought the most interesting part was when they asked how many of us had graduated from IU and had other children already graduate.  There definitely were more hands up than I would have thought.  After the talk we decided to opt out of the lunch portion at the IMU and eat on our own at Mother Bears.  While we were eating Cameron called to let us know that he had finished his first golf tournament of the year.  It was played at McCormick Creek.  He gave me the hole by hole details which ended with him finishing fourth out of eleven boys.  He felt really good about that and so did we.

After lunch we headed over to the chemistry building for the first part of our afternoon portion.  It was more general information with a couple of personal touches.  While we were there the doctor's office called.  Meg had had a lot of blood tests run last week at her check-up.  She has been tired all of the time and he thought they had better check to see if there was an issue.  Dr. Mulry was correct.  Meg is anemic and will need to take iron twice a day for the next two months.  They'll check her levels again then.

Our last stop before we met up with Cal was Woodburn Hall.  It was the same room that we were in six weeks before for Brett's graduation.  The first half of the talk was very helpful.  The head of the residence halls was there to give us information and answer questions.  Unfortunately, they cut her time short for the next session which was just college students answering questions.  Once a woman asked, "When will my eighteen year old stop being a know-it-all?" we decided to leave.  We stopped at the Lilly Library and then walked around for a little while.

We finally met up with Cal at Showalter fountain.  He had had a good day and received a lot of information as well.  He enjoyed the musical that they put on for the incoming freshmen and is definitely interested in attending several of the performances at the auditorium next year.  During this session we all listened to a professor talk for an hour or so and then tried dinner at Wright cafeteria.  The three of us decided to forgo the nighttime activities.  Cal really wanted to go shopping, to dinner and then to watch game six of the NBA finals, so that is what we did.  After shopping we parked at Parce's and walked to Upland Brewing Company.  It was very good.  We were also able to watch half of the game before we walked back.  Doug, Parce and Cal made it up to watch Cleveland beat Golden State to force a game seven.  I tried to stay up, but didn't make it.  I woke up just as it was over.

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