Sunday, May 29, 2016

Open House Season Begins

Today the graduation open house season officially began as we attended Jeffery's this afternoon.  It was held at Maxwelton and all of us were able to attend.  Cal didn't go with us as he was in Fort Wayne at Hannah Marie's game, but they made it before it ended.  Meg said she will go to all of them with us and so far we have been invited to 20+.  Cameron has decided that he is going to stick to desserts at each one and then rank them in order of best to worst.   He liked the one today, so by default it is #1.

I told Beckie that I felt a little sad when I was writing in Jeffery's card.  He and Cal have played a lot of basketball and golf together over the years.  It is definitely sad to think that this is it for them as teammates.  Some of best memories of Cal's high school and middle school years have revolved around his participation in sports.  The times we traveled with Cal to his MBA tournaments provided so many favorite family moments.  The Heinisch children still talk about going to Springfield and visiting the Lincoln Presidential Library.  It was nice to reminisce about that this weekend.

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