Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Driver's Ed

Meg had her third driver's ed lesson this morning.  She got very lucky in the schedule part of her driving as five of the days are 9:35 to 12:35.  There is only one time that she has to drive before 7 a.m.  Several of her friends got the early morning shift or the afternoon one.  She does miss tennis to drive, but only on Tuesdays.  She's going to take private lessons to make up the tennis.

So far she drives well and has practiced parking a lot.  She feels that Mr. Woodard yells at her all of the time, but that's probably normal for a driving instructor.  She is about half way through the online portion.  They changed the class from when Cal took it.  No matter how many lessons she completes she still has to work on it for 30 hours.  Thus, there is no reason for her to speed through it all.  The goal is to have it done by June 30th.  That is a week before she has to finish and the day before we leave for New Hampshire.

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