Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bright Time Camp

Cameron has a busy week filled with activities at Bright Time Camp.  I believe that Bright Time is what sold him on Bethany in the first place and he hasn't wavered on the decision to switch since.  This summer he has tennis in the morning from 10:10 a.m. to 11:30.  I have been walking while he plays.  I can get in over 7200 steps on my Fitbit by the time he is done.  That has been great as I upped my goal to 12,000 with the start of summer.

We have been coming home for lunch and to rest for an hour before he returns for his afternoon sessions.  He starts basketball at 1:20 and then moves to chess at 2:40 finishing for the day at four.  Just like previous summers he has really enjoyed it so far.  He likes Mr. Miller, his tennis coach, a lot.  I have heard them all talking about Star Wars with him before and after their lessons.  The basketball coach is new and Cam says that it is going well.  Chess might be his favorite, but overall he has been happy with all three of them.  He wishes that the camps lasted longer than a week, but  he'll be ready to play more golf, however, as soon as Bright Time is over.

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