Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tennis, Golf & More Tennis

Cal shot an 82 at the Joe Harris tournament last night.  The team finished in the middle of the pack and felt pretty good about it.  Tonight he had a match at the Round Barn in Rochester.  I started on the way there but realized it was too cold for me.  The wind picked up, it rained and the wind started blowing extremely hard.  He said it wasn't his best round, but the team did well.

Cam had his first tennis match on Monday night.  He and Caleb were tennis partners at Northridge.  They were the last team to take the court, but played very well together and earned their first win of the season.  The team did not fair as well, but the boys had fun being on the same court and gained a lot of experience.

Once he finished Doug, Cam, my Mom and I flew over to West Noble on Monday night.  Meg had just started her third set there after winning a close first one and losing the second.  By the time we got there she was up 1-0 in the third and the last one on the court.  The doubles had both won and the singles #1 and #2 had both lost.  Meg needed to win for the team to record a win.  She played very well and held on to earn the victory at 6-2 in the third.  So glad that we were able to go to both matches.  It was a great Heinisch tennis night.

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