Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Tonight Cam and I followed Cal at Stonehenge for the Warsaw match.  The Wawasee boys were undefeated in the NLC at the start and Warsaw had already lost one match to Northridge.  Cal played well but struggled with his putting.  His coach said that Stonehenge is one of the most difficult courses to putt on.  The boys hung in there and almost won, but in the end Warsaw beat them by 5 strokes putting them in a 3 way tie for second place in the regular season conference standings.
Doug met Cam and I there to watch the last few holes.  I was very glad to have been able to go.  We usually have to split between tennis and golf, but this time Meg only had practice.  Cam has also enjoyed watching the team this year as the Varsity is composed of Cal's friends.  It has definitely been a great senior season for Cal.

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