Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Off to New Hampshire

Brett was out the door this morning before 9 a.m.  He had his car completely packed and was well into Ohio by lunchtime.  For the first time ever I cried when he left.  I am not sad for myself or him.  I love spending time with Brett, but he is great at keeping in touch and I know no matter where he ends up he will call.  I am very happy that he will spend the next six months doing what he loves.  I just know that it will be different now for him, his siblings and Doug and I.

He did call several times along his journey today.  There was only one missed turned and a slight detour.  He said that the drive was actually pretty easy and once he got to upstate New York, it was beautiful.  He listened to music as well as the book Atlas Shrugged on CD that Cal gave him for graduation.  We helped him find a reasonably price hotel in Uttica, NY and by 10 p.m. he had stopped for the evening leaving him with about 4 hours tomorrow to finish his trip.  

I was impressed with how far he drove today and how easy it was for him to navigate.  I am very thankful for cell phones as that helped alleviate my anxiety.  He did say he that tried a Monster drink at lunch.  It definitely gave him a kick, but the taste was not much to be desired.  It was a great first day and start to the rest of his life.  So incredibly proud that he wouldn't give a second thought to moving several states away to a place that he had never visited before.  I love that about him.

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