Saturday, May 14, 2016


The weather this Spring has been cold and wet.  Today was no exception.  Originally I had planned to plant flowers and mulch this weekend, but that was not going to happen today.  Doug followed the golf team to Mystic Hills for the Culver Invitational and it was frigid on the driving range.  Cameron Adams and Cal thought about calling it quits right then and there.  Once they got going, however, the wind died down and the rain stopped.  They thought it was pretty decent by the time they finished nine.  Thus, they were surprised that it was called short.  The boys were sure that it was only called after nine because Culver Military Academy was winning, but they were happy with their fifth place finish.

Cal and Cameron hung out here for most of the afternoon.  I worked on pictures for graduation.  Doug and I went to Goshen for dinner and besides the November like weather it was another wonderful day.

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