Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Over!!

Brett came home Monday night with only one more commitment before he could say that he was officially done with his undergraduate degree.  He still had one more online final which had to be completed by 2:30 today.  He decided that tomorrow was his day to get it done and had everything submitted with twenty four hours to spare.

Brett was absolutely thrilled once he hit the send button until he started worrying about his grades.  His poetry class was his main concern, but after talking through all grade scenarios with him he felt a lot better.  We are extremely proud of how hard he has worked since he started IU a short three years ago.  He still needs to check out of his dorm and turn in his key, but other than that he is finished with his education for now.  Soon he will be off to New Hampshire and beholding to no one.  How exciting!!

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