Saturday, May 21, 2016

All Conference

Today was the NLC conference match for golf at McCormick Creek.  We had a good feeling about the location as Cal has played there a lot and has scored well.  Doug, Cam, Mom and Dad all made it in time to see him tee off.  Cal started off slow shooting a 41 on the front, but by the time Meg and I arrived he was on hole 15 and playing very well.  I told her that I was too nervous to follow him, so instead we walked in with Cameron Adams.  He and Kyle both shot in the 90's, so we knew that the team did not have much of a chance to win, but we still had hope for Cal to do well as an individual.

We waited by the eighteenth hole to hear how he was doing from Cam.  At that point he was even par and had a good chance of finishing with a 36.  We were thrilled when we found out that that was exactly what he did giving him a total score of 77.  It was a long wait to see how he would place as an individual.  There was a lot of controversy as one of Warsaw's players hit his ball in a neighboring yard.  The homeowner had removed his white stakes, so technically the ball was not out of bounds.  It took 15 minutes for the pro to make a ruling, but he did so in Warsaw's favor and almost cost Northridge the championship as they only one by one stroke.

After the meeting of coaches and presentation of awards we were thrilled to find out that Cal had finished 6th overall and was named to the Honorable Mention NLC Conference Team.  We were so incredibly proud when we found out.  He played well today and it was a joy to see him rewarded.  Today was also our 23rd anniversary.  I told Cal it was the best anniversary gift I have ever received except for the day we brought him home on our 5th wedding anniversary.  What a fantastic day!  Doug and I could talk of nothing else as we drove to dinner at Chop's tonight to celebrate.  

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