Saturday, April 23, 2016

One Successful Day

Doug and Dad followed Cal at the Whitko Invite most of the day.  He didn't tee off until 10:30, so they didn't have to leave quite as early.  Cal worked with Dad for awhile last night and it helped him to a 4th place finish individually and earning him a place on the all tournament team.  Jeffrey tied him with an 80 and the team finished in 3rd place.  We were all proud of his accomplishments today.  Cal said he didn't chip and putt as well as he usually does until the last four holes.  I am glad that Doug has been able go to golf this spring.  This is the first year that he hasn't coached LYC soccer in a long time as Meg and Cam both have tennis.

Meg and I spent the afternoon at Wal-Mart, but we also were successful as well.  Meg was able to find a new pair of glasses and new lenses for her current favorite pair all for under $100.  We then picked up some supplies for school and necessities for home and were back well before Doug texted to give us the good news from golf.

Kaitlin came over this evening to hang out and Cal and Cam played games at Mom's.  Doug and I went uptown to eat at Huntington's.  Afterward we had a bonfire in the backyard.  We talked about watching Rope, but everyone was too tired.  The girls were up quite a bit later than the rest of us on FaceTime and playing ping pong.  They also seemed to enjoy critiquing Meg, Graham and Jared's PSA for English.  They worked on it Friday night and did a great job.

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