Friday, April 29, 2016


Cam asked if he could have JJ and Caleb over this evening for a bonfire and to hang out.  This is the first time he has asked for an evening with friends and they were exclusively from Bethany.  I was very happy to hear that.  I like his Milford friends, but am so glad that he has transitioned as well as he has to life at Bethany Christian.  We quickly agreed to having them here and promised him a sleepover this summer where he can invite more than just the two of them.

I picked the boys up after school and they were ready for a light saber duel as soon as they got out of the van.  After that they played outside running in and out as they remembered different things that they had planned for the evening. Doug started a bonfire and I was glad that it caught fire.  It has been very wet the past couple of days and I wasn't sure they'd be able to cook their hot dogs and s'mores.  The boys kept busy until 9 p.m. when Doug had to break the bad news that it was time for him to take everyone home.  Cam hugged me several times after he got back and told me that he had a great time.   Can't wait for more get togethers at our house with his Bethany friends.

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