Thursday, March 3, 2016


I have been helping Cal work on scholarships for next year.  There are a lot out there and each needs somewhat different information.  Therefore, the hardest part is figuring out which ones he is eligible for and tracking down letters of recommendations and his transcripts.  Brett and I did the same thing his senior year, but went overboard.  We were spending at least four hours a week from January through May working on them and in all honesty it didn't produce much.

I did learn a lot through the process with Brett, however, and it shouldn't be as painstaking as it was with him.  We know that most scholarships are awarded locally, so spending a lot of time on the national ones probably won't produce much.  We also know where to find more items and that makes it a lot easier.  It is awesome that IU has offered Cal $6000 a year already.  That will make a big difference in his tuition costs.  The first round is due next week, but we will not find out until May if he is awarded them.  Until then, we will keep working at it.

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