Saturday, March 12, 2016

One Long Day

Doug and I were both up in time to take Meg to tennis at 8:30, but I let him go.  Cam was still sleeping, so I stayed here with him.  Meg's match this morning was a lot like yesterday's.  She definitely has improved, but Warsaw is tough.  The high school season starts Monday.  Meg has worked hard in the off season.  It will be fun to watch her play.

I finished two of Cal's scholarships today.  The first one was online.  By turning it in Cal will actually be applying for more than 30 of them as they all use the Kosciusko County Foundation in looking for their winners.  The second one I had to mail.  I appreciated the three teachers who got him letters of recommendations in time for me to get it there.  I know it is a long shot for Cal to win any of these.  Brett received far less than I thought that he would when we did this three years ago.  Brett had a lot more community involvement, but most scholarships went to students in need.  Unfortunately, we do not qualify for many of those.

Once Doug got home we finished the mudroom.  It looks awesome.  We added some room and color to it all in one.  The new furniture was ordered from WayFair.  So far we liked everything we got except for the slipcover for the white chair.  It was way too big, but the return process was easy.  We even ordered bright yellow/green curtains for the living room that match the furniture and new paint. Doug was able to hang those as well.

Tonight was golf BINGO.  It was very uneventful.  It is a great fund raiser for the golf team, but I just do not like playing.  I am amazed at the amount of people that come every week.  Doug and Brett were pretty tired by the end and none of us won.  Not quite the best way to end the evening, but we did support the Knights and the boys golf team by going.

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