Friday, March 25, 2016

Laser Tag & Noods

Today was Good Friday and we all had the day off from school.  Cal spent his time with Jayce and then Hannah-Marie.  Cam, Meg and I went to Goshen for piano.  They are working on Beatles songs and we are all glad that Mrs. Meek is feeling well enough to give lessons again.  After piano we went to Olympia for lunch.  It was packed, but we got a table after a short wait.  Lunch was good and Cam topped it off with a "Goshen College" sundae.  I tried some of Meg's chocolate shake and that was delicious as well.  We stopped at Wal-Mart for snacks for the night.  Cam found a Jurassic World Lego he had been looking for.

Kaitlin, Preston and Gabby all arrived around 3 p.m. to go laser tagging for Meg's birthday.  Cam invited Evan to go along and once Doug got home we left for Fort Wayne.  Ultra Zone was packed, but we were able to get in three games.  I actually did pretty well this time and finished second once.  I found a hiding spot and that helped.  Everyone had a great time playing and all were ready for dinner afterward.  We stopped at Noodles & Company and it was as good as it was last weekend.  Except for an incidence with a retainer all went well.

The six of them hung out at our house for awhile until Preston had to go home.  The girls watched Glee and slept in the basement.  Cam and Evan played his new Star Wars Trivia game.  Doug watched IU get beat pretty easily by UNC.  It was disappointing, but not surprising.  North Carolina is the number one team in the tournament and they played like it.

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