Monday, February 8, 2016

The Flu Round 1

Doug and Meg both made it to soccer last night even though they were not feeling the best.  By the time they got back, both were running a fever and ready for bed.  They definitely looked the part of two people with the flu.  I hope that is not the case.

Cam and I spent the quiet night at home watching the third Star Wars movie "Revenge of the Sith."  Cal even joined us for the last forty-five minutes.  The more I watch that movie the more impressed I am with it.  It brings all six movies together and leaves the viewer wanting more.  Glad that the boys enjoy watching them as well.  I love hearing what they have to say about the series, their favorite characters, scenes and more.  It brings a new perspective to it and reminds me of my love of the first movie almost forty years ago.  Cam and I still want one that tells the story between number three and four, but for now we will enjoy the seven that are already made.

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