Friday, February 19, 2016

Could You Step Out of the Car?

Last night was an adventure for Brett.  He left to come back home for the weekend around 5:15.  Alex decided to come back as well and asked for a ride.  I was worried about them coordinating their schedules, but all seemed well at 6 when they called.  They had stopped by the winery so that Brett could purchase some cider to bring home.  At that point I suggested to Brett that he let Alex drive as he is more seasoned in bigger cities and they could come through Indy that way.  I had also suggested that they put the wine in the trunk.  That way if a police officer stopped them, he would know that they weren't drinking.  Never did I think.

All seemed well until 9 p.m. when I got a text from Brett stating, "We just got pulled over."  I was surprised, but not concerned until I texted him several more times and did not hear anything for about 20 minutes.  Brett finally texted back and said, "Alex was speeding and the dogs could smell drugs."  What?  Alex and Brett and drugs?  No way!  By this time everyone in the house caught on to what was going on and we waited to hear back from them.

Finally Brett called and much to our relief there were no drugs in the car.  I was not concerned about the boys, but thought maybe someone had put something in the vehicle to hide out for later.  Brett said that it was quite the experience.  He definitely never needs to be patted down again.  The police officers thoroughly searched the car and even went through both of their laundry baskets.  From the conversation Brett had while they were waiting the cops said that it could have been Brett's laundry that the dogs smelled as someone in his dorm smokes marijuana and it could have lingered.  It also could have been a dollar bill that they got at a local fast food stop.  Someone could have used it to snort cocaine and there would traces of that still on the money.  Either way the boys were relieved and even the speeding ticket that Alex received didn't dampen the mood.  They also learned that no one under 21 can transport alcohol in a vehicle unless a parent is with them, so Brett drove the rest of the way home.

We were all thankful when Brett arrived safely around 10 p.m.  By then Alex had posted the following on Twitter.  Cal's response made Doug and I laugh the rest of the evening.

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